Solid rotor
Induction Machines

What is it

Solid rotor induction machines are a type of high speed electric machines/motors/generators.  The word machine is most appropriate as the devices are always bidirectional on the energy conversion front. The solid rotor is an improved design of conventional induction machines


  • Larger rotor diameter
  • Longer rotor length
  • No gearboxes
  • No rare earth magnets
  • Longer fatigue life
  • Precise speed control
  • Simple geometery
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Performance Description

Typical Performance Curves

torque-speed curve graph
power-speed curve graph


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High speed dynamometers

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Hydrogen compressors for production and distribution

Electric Vehicles

Air cycle heating and cooling

Spin Rigs

Spin Rigs and other high speed test rigs

Anatomy of a solid rotor induction machine

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diagram of solid rotor induction machine


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